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Founder, Lauren Slater

  • BA Dance and Exercise Science, UCSB
  • 500 RYT, Yoga teacher trainer, Yoga Tree SF
  • MAT Certified Classical Pilates Instructor, Metropolitan Pilates Seattle
  • Certificates of completion: Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal massage) and Anatomy Trains (myofascial release)
  • Graduate: Heartcore Leadership and PACE Club

Lauren’s love of movement and biomechanics began at an early age. 

Training in classical ballet from age 3, she learned how to take care of her body and mind for a life dedicated to rigorous movement. A professional dancer from age 16, she learned the value of massage, acupuncture, meditation, nutrition, and proper alignment to keep herself healthy and pain-free. A life-long commitment to Yoga and Pilates ensued after debilitating foot and back injuries. She became certified to teach yoga as well as pilates to share the insights she gained from these practices. 

An anatomy nerd at heart, she certified in two different massage techniques to compliment the movement arts, and utilizes a customized blend of these modalities in her work with her clients. She stands by the ethos that a “body in motion stays in motion, as well as everyone is unique, so no two people will have the same program”.

Through these physical modalities she learned how important mindset is to success in any endeavor in life. Using the philosophical principles of Buddhism and yogic teachings, Lauren began coaching students on emotional intelligence and how to use vision creation with meditation to manifest vision into action in life. Her coaching style is empowering and contemplative, while always focusing on how our actions affect others.

Lastly, Lauren is an avid cook and gardener. Having studied both western and Ayurvedic nutrition, she shares her knowledge (and recipes) with her clients to educate them to find the healthiest and most delicious choices to fuel the body, mind, and soul!