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Rooting to Rise: Summer Solstice Reset – Rescheduled for late July- dates to follow!

Summer Solstice Immersion

A week-long immersion for total body integration and healing

Price: $120

Register: Venmo Lauren-Slater-5 (please include your email when registering)

Has this past year left you feeling drained, listless, ungrounded and inconsistent in your movement practices? 

You are not alone!

One of the most consistent points of feedback I’ve heard from fellow practitioners and clients has been how up and down they’ve felt emotional and physically. Many of us have had to live in a way that was very different from our previous existences, and while change can be good (and is inevitable), it is key to make sure that change and growth are supported by healthy life choices. Health is wealth, as the ol’ adage goes 🙂

It is so important to honor and acknowledge the many shared traumas we’ve all encountered through the past year and a half. Embodiment practices are a healing and supportive first step.

What the program entails…

Moving from our roots upward, we will explore how to build strong and supple foundations for movement and energetic grounding. 

Starting by opening, then strengthening the feet, calves and upper legs, without a strong foundation it is hard to build a steady base. Our feet are so amazing, and as a total “feet geek” I’m excited to share the many techniques I’ve learned over the decades through dance, yoga, pilates and bodywork.

From there we will focus on learning how to access the inner line of the legs to develop strong, supple connections to our pelvic floor and muladhara chakra

The pelvic floor and surrounding muscles of the back, hips and abdomen are the literal center of the body. So when we connect and cultivate awareness here we inherently become more centered 🙂

From there we will examine the relationship between the posterior chain of muscles (back), front line (abs and chest), and lateral body (obliques/sides) to support the head and shoulders when in action. 

Finally, we will work on head and neck strength (balancing out the effects of too much computer time), proprioception of your body in space through eye training, and facial massage techniques including the fan favorite kriya… tongue milking!

Get excited for some meditative balances both on the feet and on the hands, complemented with focused breath work to unlock and repattern the pelvic floor and diaphragm.

You will leave this workshop series standing tall and grounded, with a clarity of mind and openness of heart to lead you into a mindful summer of reconnection!

What you receive:

-Seven, daily videos sent to your inbox each morning. You can practice on your own time!

-Videos are between 15-30 minutes long and are available for replay for 30 days after the workshop ends.

-Culminating in a live class 5-6:30pm PDT on Tuesday, June 29th to celebrate the journey together and connect on the experience!

(a recording will be available for those unable to attend)

-Over 5 hours of transformative material you can replay as much as you’d like for a full month. A chance to start this summer off strong and grounded, with support to carry you into the next steps of this year of many changes!

Let’s connect to our roots, get grounded, and take this summer by storm!
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