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New Spring Classes!

Wow, I cannot believe how quickly it feels like spring is in the air! Suddenly all the spring flowers and birds are starting to emerge, and up here in the beautiful PNW it means the light is returning for longer, brighter days…
When I reflect on the power of the springtime, I cannot help but feel the call of Nature and our bodies to awaken! So it is with great excitement that I unveil to you my Spring Awakening series and Equinox week ritual yoga classes.

First off, in the week leading up to the Spring Equinox (3/20 this year) I’ll be offering two classes called Equinox Ritual Flow:
Tuesday, March 16th 5:30-7pm and Thursday, March 18th 10-11:30am

These practices will delve into long-hold, stamina-stoking flows that support moving beyond the fatigue point through focused pranayama. Then we will be bringing in that springtime light with healthy backbends, twisting and reflection on the change of season. 

Register on Venmo @ Lauren-Slater-5$20 single/$30 both classes. Please include your email and class date/s.
*all classes include the 30-day access replay so you can practice on your own schedule if you can’t make it live!

Following my mountain vacation in the week leading up to Easter (yipee!), we will spring into action with a vigorous, deep dive into the qualities of practice with a 6-week series from April 6- May 11th, every Tuesday night 5:30-7pm.

The Spring Awakening series will focus on various qualities of practice while refining technique and intention. 
Class topics include: Stamina and Strength, Flowing in Breath, Hanumanasana: Take the leap!, Safe Stretching for all Body Types, Deep Core for Gravity Surfing, and Self-Massage Techniques for Rejuvenation. 

I’ll post about registration later this month!

Virtual Class Schedule!
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