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Online Private Lessons

Why Private Sessions?
Are you ready to deepen your understanding of your own body?
Do you have injuries or nagging pain you can’t resolve?
Do you feel uncomfortable going to group classes, or unsure how to safely execute what’s asked of you?

Private, focused sessions are the BEST way to gain understanding about the unique needs of your own body, and one-on-one practices are the perfect, safe and nurturing environment to do that within.
Lauren has specialized in Private Yoga, Health Coaching, Pilates and Ballet training for over 15 years. Her practiced eye sees subtleties in your posture and alignment you may be missing in group classes or working out on your own.

These sessions are completely customizable.
We work together to meet your needs, whether that be a regular workout routine to repeat, as a workshop for specific poses/body parts that need tuning up, or as a safe space to talk, stretch and meditate within.

Traditionally, yoga was taught on-on-one; with the whole person addressed in the sessions. Taking into consideration age, health, occupation, personality, diet, goals, and even geographically location!
Customizing the practice for YOU, not fitting into a one-size-fits-all approach.
This approach is the pillar on which Lauren bases every single session with her Clients. There is nothing more healing to us as humans as to be SEEN for who we are, and to be held up in the highest regard as OURSELVES.

Assisting Child’s Pose- Can’t wait to do hands on again!

Summer Special!
Three 60-minute Private Classes for $150

Email me to book times at:

Please purchase your package by Venmo @Lauren-Slater-5 or Paypal at

All session are done through a private link on Zoom. Once booked, you will receive an email link to your sessions.

*All intro summer special packages have a 2 month expiration date, from date of first booking*

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